Lombardy Regional Dinner

January 17, 2018

We're ending January on a high with a 4 course dinner celebrating the region of Lombardy in Northwest Italy. Set with Milan as it's capital and no coastline to speak of, the food from this region is typified by rice, maize, meats, cheeses & butter - all the good stuff basically.

Tuesday 30th January, from 6pm

Similar to all Italian cooking, Lombardy has tons of variety to it and so we've put together a menu that we think best represents the region as a whole - there's two superb hand rolled pastas, one served in brodo broth, a poached fresh bream dish from Lake Como, Osso Bucco served with saffron risotto alla milanese, Taleggio cheese coming from the southern plains, and a delicious nougat dessert, Torrone hailing from the riverside town of Cremona.

As always the dinner will be £28 per person to and includes all the anti-pasti and desserts to share across your table. You can book in groups of all sizes which also includes our large sharing table seating up to 20 people at no extra cost. Dinner starts from 6pm with bookings available until late.

To make a booking please call us on or book online here


Mondeghilli (veal, beef & parmesan fried meatballs)



Taleggio & pomodoro bruschetta (v)


Tortelli di zucca (v) (Pumpkin ravioli)

Marubini in brodo (meat tortellini in a broth)


Luccio in salsa

Osso bucco & saffron risotto

Buckwheat Pizzoccheri (v)



Sbrisolona (crunchy tart, best enjoyed with coffee & cello)


Provolone Valpadanna, Mostarda di frutta