Basilicata Regional Dinner

October 4, 2018

We're off to Basilicata for our next regional dinner on Tuesday 30th October.

4 courses, £28pp

Menu to follow soon - for all bookings click here



Pupazella - stuffed peppers with anchovy & capers

Calzone Verdure - with greens, peppers & raisins

Polpette di Cavolfiore -with garlic & rosemary

Pane di Matera


Orecchiette con pepperoni cruschi 

Lagane e cicciari - with chickpeas, garlic, chilli flakes & rosemary

Cavatelli lu ‘ntroppc - with pork, veal & fennel



Lucanica Sausage - with onion, tomato & polenta

Ciammotta - vegetable stew, with toasted bread

Baccalà alla Lucana - with peppers & chickpeas



Grano Dolce - with pomegranate seeds & walnuts

Pettole Lucane

Fichi Fritti - served with honey

Torta Sbriciolata - Ricotta crumb cake with chocolate & hazelnut