Calabria Regional Dinner

April 13, 2017

Calabria Regional Dinner - Tuesday 25th April, from 6pm

£28 per person


Rotolo, roast peppers, broccoli, cacio
Braised greens, olives
Roast artichoke, capers, pangratatto
Sopressata calabrese
Pickled aubergine, chilli


Cavatelli, cime di rapa
Filei, 'nduja
Lagane, chickpeas, sweet dried pepper



Roast capretto, anchovy, lemon
Stoccofisso, tomato, potato, capers
‘Ciambotta’ aubergine, tomato


Pitta ‘mpigliata – walnuts, raisins, orange
Dried figs, red wine, chocolate
Semifredo liquorizia


Doors open from 6pm and we're taking reservations until 10pm.


If you'd like to book our large table - seating up to 24 - you can do at no extra cost.  Call us on to book in or book online